About us

Updated May 12, 2019

Hello and thanks for stopping by.

We created onelocation because we struggled for years to find photographic studios and photoshoot locations that we could book that didn’t involve lots of paperwork, cost and jumping through hoops. We knew there was a demand for this and we also knew from speaking to Studio and Location owners that they struggled filling their space on a regular basis. So we created onelocation, a marketplace that connects photographers to studios and locations. We take care of all the marketing, messaging and billing which means photographers can focus on finding amazing spaces to bring their creative ideas to life.

The real power of onelocation is for small to medium photoshoots.

Here’s a recent example.

The Brief
15-20 corporate headshots for a commercial client to use on their website. They didn’t have much time and the budget was modest to say the least.

The Problem
Shooting in their office was almost impossible. It was dark, old fashioned and messy. Not the sort of professional appearance they wanted to portray. They also had limited time and could only allow 30 mins ‘away from office time’ per staff member. So in effect we needed a location no more than 10 mins away which would give us 10 mins to shoot each staff member.

The Solution
In terms of the shoot it was a simple 3-light scenario. We could use 2 if we had natural light for the key light. So fairly simple. We also wanted great bokeh to make the subject pop and create a sense of ‘large company in a big slick office’. It was a small shoot, setup was 15 mins, tear-down 5 mins with just one photographer and no make-up (we’d given them a pre-shoot prep sheet prior to arriving). So we needed a local affordable space for 3-4 hours. We searched onelocation to find 3 possible options; a small photo studio and two stylish houses within easy distance. We eventually chose a house for £30 per hour no more than 5 mins walk from the office. It had good natural light and a great space that (with Bokeh) would easily pass for the kind of upmarket office space we’d planned. We got our shots, the client was happy and the owner of the space got £120* paid into their account. It was most definitely a win-win-win for all concerned.

This example really highlights the power of onelocation.

In fact just think of us as the airbnb for the photographic community. We connect photographers with great studios and spaces.

If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to us admin@onelocation.com.