Studiotime Fees

Updated May 12, 2019

This is an overview of fees on onelocation for creating a listing, accepting a booking request, and also booking fees by photographers. These fees are also referenced in the Terms of Service (Service Agreement) and are accepted fees by using this platform.

If you have questions at any time regarding fees, please email us at

Studios Fees:

1. Photo Studio and Location Space listing subscription fees

A subscription is required to list your Photo Studio and Location Space on onelocation. We offer affordable options from just £15 per month for a basic listing. The subscription fee helps us with the running of the site and allows us to promote your Photo Studios and Location Spaces to a wider audience through paid marketing and advertising.

2. Photo Studio and Location Space booking transaction fees

onelocation retains 10% of each booking as a transaction fee. This amount is deducted from the booking total amount when you accept a booking request. Please make sure that you also included all local taxes, fees, and account for any other expenses in your hourly price offered, since onelocation does not and is not liable to pay for these. You are also responsible for reporting all income generated from studio bookings per government and local regulations and codes. We may withhold a booking transaction in the event of a dispute or other event per the Services Agreement.

Artists (Booking) Fees:

onelocation a 9.5% processing charge to photographers. All booking requests will automatically expire 24 hours after sent if not accepted by the photo studio or location space listing owner. In the event of a dispute or other event, the transaction amount may be withheld per the Services Agreement.

Other Fees:

1. Overtime fees

In the event that a booking exceeds the timeframe of the original booking agreement, the photo studio or location space is responsible for collecting additional payment for the photo studio or location space usage, photo studio or location space services, or other additional fees agreed upon. Since this is outside the booking agreement on the onelocation platform, onelocation is not liable for collecting this payment or any circumstances outside the original booking agreement.

2. Fines for damage

We try to avoid all events of damage, but in the rare event that damage to the photo studio or location space property, equipment, or other takes place during the time period of the booking agreement, the photographer (user booking) is directly responsible for these fees. As defined in the Services Agreement, the artist is liable for this damage and onelocation may collect this if required. It is encouraged for both the photo studio or location space and photographer to work through this directly since it is usually best between both parties directly. Photo studios and location spaces are also encouraged and in some instances required to have their own General Liability (GL) insurance policies per our Service Agreement for this very reason. If you need to report damage to your photo studio or location space, equipment, or other at any time, please take the proper action to first contact any local authorities if necessary, your insurance provider, and also notify us immediately at