• Beasto Blanco

Beasto Blanco Night #1 Black Market Tyrants

Mon 18th Dec
7:30pm – 11pm
Bannermans, 212 Cowgate, Edinburgh. EH1 1NQ

Beasto Blanco is the skull crushing outfit formed by Chuck Garric (Alice Cooper) & Chris "Brother Latham" in 2012.

... when they set out to deliver raw, in your face, rock n'roll brutality, & that is exactly what they have done.

Over for this UK exclusive show, Beasto Blanco are back at Bannermans for what will be another ear blowing show. Now on album number 2, it means more riffs, more melody & more power for you to get your music wants around.

With Calico Cooper(Alice Coopers daughter, singer,actress) at the front with Chuck, not only are you getting a show of killer music, but there are theatrics thrown in for good measure.

The rhythm section of Jan LeGrow - Bass & Tim Husung - Drums are another force to be reckoned with.

This is already on route to selling out, so don't waste any time in grabbing a ticket, especially as it is the only date in the UK.

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